Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours for the Math Center?

    The Mars Hill University Math Center will be open to assist students with their assignments beginning Monday, Sept 7th. Please email mathcenter@mhu.edu to make an appointment.
    The tutors are willing to use the platforms that students are comfortable with, including FaceTime, Zoom, Google Docs, and over the phone.

What are the hours for the Writing Center?

    The Mars Hill University Writing Center will be open to assist students with their writing assignments beginning Monday, Aug. 31. Please email writingcenter@mhu.edu to make an appointment.
    Students can request a session with a Writing Center tutor to receive feedback and suggestions for revision on any writing assignment of any length for any class (including Spanish language writing) at MHU, as well as for non-class-related writing like résumés or creative writing. Tutors are able to work with a client at any point in the writing process, from brainstorming and thesis development to polishing up a final draft.
    The tutors are willing to use the platforms that students are comfortable with, including FaceTime, Zoom, Google Docs, and over the phone.

What are the hours for Mindspace?

    Mindspace is open 24/7.

Do the library computers have sound?

    All the library computers have sound enabled, but it is only accessible by using headphones.

Are photocopies and printing free?

    Currently, there is no charge for MHU students, faculty, and staff. Do not abuse this privilege! Photocopying material unrelated to school work and excessive photocopying is prohibited. Local patrons are charged $.10 a page.

Does the library have color printers?

    The library does not have color printers, only black and white. Color copies can be made at Paw Prints.

How do I renew a book?

    Renewing a book is an option if you need it beyond its due date. A book may be renewed IF IT IS NOT OVERDUE – online, via phone, or in the library. To renew online, log into your account by clicking here. Enter your name i.e.., John Smith, and your student ID number. Once your name and links to your account appear, click the link displaying the number of “items currently checked out.” At this point you may “Renew All” or “Renew Selected Items.” To renew via phone, call 689-1518 and have your barcode ready. If your item has become overdue you may only renew it by bringing it into the library for renewal. You can renew materials twice.

Do I need my ID card when checking out or returning a book?

    You do need your ID card when checking out a book, but not when returning materials.

Who are the subjects of the sculptures located in the library?

    From left to right they are John Locke, Martin Luther, Einstein, Beethoven, and Shakespeare. The sculptures were carved by Dr. Bill Colette.

How does the library handle theft?

    Willfully attempting to leave with materials that are not properly checked out is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and state law. The library staff has the right to search a patron’s possessions for library materials. Students are required to show their MHU ID upon request of the library staff. Any student who steals, destroys or defaces library property will be reported to Campus Security and Student Conduct Police. Sanctions for theft and vandalism of library property may include restitution, payment of fees and fines, or other sanctions as determined by the Dean of Library Services.

Does the library have lost and found?

    Items found in the library are placed in the Lost and Found behind the Circulation Desk. These items are taken once a week to Student Life on the second floor of Wren Student Union. Library staff will make a reasonable effort to notify the owner of the item if able to determine ownership.

Can I eat in the library?

    Food and tobacco products (including vape devices) are prohibited in Renfro Library. Covered drinks are allowed. Students can eat in Mindspace.