Exhibitions and Displays

Game On

More than 200 games are currently on display in Renfro Library, on the walls of the main and upper levels and in display cases on the main level. GAME ON celebrates the history of board & card games from 3,500 b.c.e. to the present. Curated by librarian Dan Koster, the exhibition aims to amuse and provoke conversation.

The history of games is the history of humanity. See how the famous suspects of the board game Clue have changed over 100 years, as the artistic styles also followed the times. Marvel at Monopoly Mountain, an amazing sampling of pop-culture cross-marketing. Explore an assortment of games designed to wrestle with thorny social issues. Wonder whether anyone would prefer to play a retrofitted board game version of something like Bejeweled that already works just fine on their phone.

From classic games to bizarre failures, everyone will re-encounter cherished favorites and discover new games never before imagined. Come on in and let your brain play!