Fiction on Fiction

This month’s themed display highlights 20 novels based on other fictional works. Ever wonder what Sherlock Holmes would be like in his eighties, or if he had a 15-year-old female sidekick? Or about the father of the Little Women in Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, or what happens to Madame Butterfly’s son immediately after the end of the Puccini opera? Prequels and sequels and dramatic retellings of literary storylines and their characters can be found on this display.

There are also several modern takes on literary classics, including: Jane Eyre as a Korean-American orphan in New York, the tale of Sleeping Beauty retold as a Holocaust narrative, Oedipus Rex reimagined as a billionaire over an internet kingdom, the return of a Jay Gatsby-esque self-made man to a dying North Carolina town, the story of King Lear morphed into that of a farmer dividing his land between his daughters, and more.

All of these books are available for checkout!